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Cooperation and business with Turkmenistan!

Cooperation and business with Turkmenistan!
Team "TURKMENBUSINESS" welcomes you and offers a close and mutually beneficial cooperation.
We assist in the promotion of goods, services and brands on the market of Turkmenistan.
Our first sentence:
We can create for your company a special page with your name on our site http://www.turkmenbusiness.info .
On this page, select the information about the company logo, can be 2-3 photos, contact info (WEB, E-mail, Phone), and most importantly - Feedback form.
All visitors to our site can, without our participation, send you email directly from this page!
If you have a BLOG and RSS, we will install them a link. A special code will allow real-time to automatically publish news from your tape RSS!
All information will be installed on your, mother, tongue. But on the page, we will install a translator. Thus, any visitor can see the information set out in their language!
Immediately after that, we will install your logo and brief information on the Internet window http://turkmenbusiness.tiu.ru .
At the same time information about your company will be here:

All this work will cost not much, just 100EUR. You can pay in any currency at the rate of 100 EUR at the exchange rate.
We work without advance payment!
If you are interested in our offer, then you send (at any convenient for you only) by e-mail order@turkmenbusiness.info   and be sure to copy here
Ashgabat-turkmenistan@rambler.ru   letter of guarantee of payment (bank details we will send you), and attach files with information about the company logo image, 2-3 photos.
Upon receipt of your letter, we produce all the work and inform you. You within 3 days of paying.
In the future, if you wish, regular mail, send catalogs, brochures, stationery and desk accessories with your logo and the model contract conditions for supply of goods or the terms and conditions of service (work).
We can also conclude a treaty with you to provide representation services in the territory of Turkmenistan for your company. It will also need your model contract with specific types of our responsibilities and the amount of wages a week or a month.
P.S. Under favorable conditions, we can create an Internet site for the market of Turkmenistan, or to make a site about a level 3 www.YOUR-NAME.turkmenbusiness.info or www.turkmenbusiness.info / YOUR-NAME or maintain a blog with your name type www.YOUR-NAME -TM.blogspot.com
Sincerely yours