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Art Gallery in Turkmenistan "MUHAMMED

How to buy a picture
Choose the product of the artist in gallery which has liked you .
To get a picture, or to receive the additional information on the given
painting, conditions of purchase and terms of its delivery, call us by
phone (993-12-395931), or write to us E-mail artgallerytm@gmail.com
Fill in the obligatory information (your name, city of delivery, e-mail,
contact phone, your comments if necessary).
Delivery and registration:
The product of the artist got by you, gallery " Muhammed " will send you
by mail in the place specified by you and will write out necessary
accompanying documents.
If the picture chosen you is absent at the moment, and the artist will
need to perform creative repetition of painting, gallery " Muhammed "
will specify term of performance of job, a condition and the order of
delivery. Thus you have an opportunity to reserve painting of the size
necessary to you which are distinct from specified on site.
During performance of creative repetition by the artist, gallery "
Muhammed " will inform you on stages and terms of performance of the
ordered product.

The order of payment:
Purchase can be paid as cash, and the non-cash order with delivery to
you of properly made out documents. The available order - on the fact of
reception of cash to the artist, the non-cash order - by transfer of the
advance payment to the settlement account of the author. If the picture
chosen you is absent at the moment, and you order author's repetition of
painting, by rules of our gallery, reception from you the advance
payment is necessary at a rate of 50 % from cost of product. The sum of
the money resources brought or listed as the advance payment proves to
be true corresponding documents on reception of payment.

To steady customers:
To steady customers, gallery " Muhammed " gives discounts.
1. Delivery.
Delivery of products across Turkmenistan is carried out free-of-charge
within 2 working days from the moment of registration of the order (at
presence of painting of the artist in gallery).
Behind a limit of Turkmenistan - delivery is made through post service,
10 - and the working days from the moment of payment of the order.
Calculation of cost of delivery is specified, will be coordinated and
affirms you before sending product (depending on number of paintings,
their volume, weight and point of delivery).

2. Mounting the painting in a baguet.
All products of the artist in gallery " Muhammed " are made out in a
baguet, except for cases when jobs do not provide presence of a frame.
Cost of a baguet is switched on in cost of a picture.
If the suggested baguet of you does not arrange also you will prefer an
exclusive frame of job, gallery " Muhammed " will help to pick up a
baguet and to issue the product of the artist chosen you. Cost of jobs
in this case is stipulated individually. For buyers of far abroad the
got pictures, at the request of buyers, can be sent in a compact rolled
kind - is removed with a underframe (It in interests of the buyer,
without superfluous post gathering on weight).

3. The order of creative repetition ( an author's copy) products
At the order of author's copies you have an opportunity to order a
picture of the size necessary to you who are distinct from specified on
site. In some cases probably change of color scale of product according
to your wishes. For this purpose it is enough to state the wishes to the
employee of gallery through E-mail. Artist Allamurat Muhammedov will
necessarily take into account all your recommendations concerning
changes of the liked product.

4. Performance of a portrait on a photo.
The gallery "Muhammed" will write for you a portrait on the given photo.
For this purpose it is necessary to pass in the way convenient for you a
photo and to state the wishes. The portrait is the refined memorable
gift for anniversary, family celebration or any other holiday.

5. A spelling of a landscape on a photo.
Gallery " Muhammed " with pleasure will execute a landscape liked by you
locality of the nature, square, streets, houses. Such landscape will
fill your house with a heat of memoirs, or becomes a perfect gift to
your relatives.

Gallery " Muhammed " are extremely author's hand-worked products.

Pictures of various genres and styles are submitted to your attention.
The most part of the paintings submitted in gallery " Muhammed"
participated in the exhibitions spent in Russia, USA, Turkey, Pakistan,
Poland, Islamic Republic Iran, Japan, France, Germany, England, Italy,
Sweden and other countries . On a site of gallery " Muhammed " you can
get the liked products of the artist and to use accompanying service
services of gallery " Muhammed ". On a site are not submitted all
paintings of the author, call us and we shall pick up pictures according
to your wishes.

Gallery " Muhammed " is sincerely glad to all visitors and wishes you
pleasant viewing!

What for to buy a picture?

The picture will harmoniously decorate an interior of your house.
Will create remembered style of your office, it will structurally be
entered in other subjects of an interior of office.
Becomes a unforgettable gift to close people and business - partners.
Will form a basis for development of creative imagination in children,
will attach them to the world of art. The picture will put a basis of
your own collection, can pass the subsequent generations spirit of
present time.

Except for everything, products of artists are original business gifts
to employees and partners of firm, vip gifts and vip souvenirs to
significant clients of the company, exclusive gifts and elite gifts to
heads and foreign business partners. Pictures - stylish business

Pictures in addition to all also perfect wedding gifts, and gifts for a
anniversary to relatives, friends and fellow workers. For example, the
picture as a gift to the chief, undoubtedly, will raise his/her loyalty
in relation to you, and will determine more democratic character in
mutual relations. www.tm-art.tk
Gleb Mesheryakov.


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