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Business in Turkmenistan. Turkmenbusiness

Our offer of cooperation! 

Currently, during the "Renaissance" of Turkmenistan, thanks to our President, Mr. Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov Myalikgulyevichu and the Government of Turkmenistan, our market is open for cooperation in all fields of science, business, culture, arts, sports, etc. 
We in turn offer you cooperate with us! 
The progressive networking, step by step: 

Place information about you and install your banner (or link to your Web site) on our site www.turkmenbusiness.tk
and Blog www.marketintm.blogspot.com
No advance payment is not necessary. You send us an e-mail: turkmenbusiness@mail.ru
text and apply Banner (or reference), we set. After that, we beg to inform you and send bank details for payment, which is very modest. Your choice: 
120 dollars, 100 euros, 100 British pounds sterling or 3000 Russian rubles. 
 For Post (preferably to the safety of using express mail) send catalogs, at which we let. To put catalogs also handout on plain paper in the number 100 - 150 pieces. On a separate sheet power of attorney for my name to the right part of the Organization of Turkmenistan and offer your products and services to your catalogs and materials. 
Also, a contract in two copies (one of whom, after signing We'll send you back) for further cooperation, on your terms. We accept any conditions for cooperation if they do not address the political, religious themes and do not affect the copyrights of "third parties". 
If there is an opportunity to send educational or reference materials to improve our cooperation (given your experience in the business). If you can, and other materials with your logo, to our office (office supplies, desk flags, posters, ashtray, a clock or any, At your discretion ...) 
In future, we can organize your shopping or showroom, shop ... We can provide distance and Internet services under a separate agreement (such as sending mail and proposals) 
For you have other or their proposals for cooperation, if you can be interesting Turkmenistan, please inform. 
All your materials or correspondence can occur at any convenient for you language. 
We would be happy to cooperate. 
Your future "representative" in Turkmenistan! 
e-mail: turkmenbusiness@mail.ru

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