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Turkmenmarket - Market of Turkmenistan

Turkmenmarket -

Market of Turkmenistan

The Market Turkmenistan, Advertisment in Turkmenistan, Turkmen Market

 Dear visitors, all texts on our put translated by means of computer and can be a mistake.
 "Turkmen Market" is a branch of the Command "Turkmen Business".
We realize the following types to activity:
1.         Searching for partner in Turkmenistan;
2.         The Advertising in Turkmenistan through internet;
3.         The Marketing facilities in Turkmenistan;
4.         Representation facilities in Turkmenistan;
5.         Rendering help in extended advertising action on all region Turkmenistan, including spreading advertising avenue.
6.         Can execute any business commission contracts, which does not disagree the Law Turkmenistan.

Read in detail on page "About Turkmen Market"
with "Turkmen Market" or  "Turkmen Business" through page "Contacts" possible.

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